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In KO, there can be only one
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Knockout News

Knockout events are now an "Online Only" tournament.

The structure of the tournament will be the same, however moves will be transmitted via the server, and not via email.

Note: "Online" games are not played "live". They are played the same way you would play an email game, however your moves are sent via an online game board instead of via email.

Events are currently starting with 4 players (instead of the usual 8)

Open Events (KO-5xx series)

Join up for an Open KO using the form above.

Play up when you win.

If you win a KO, you can now choose to play in a KO in the next-higher ratings category. For example, if you win a KO-2 series (up to 1599) you can ask us to sign you up for a KO-4 series (1600 and up) any time in the next 12 months. Simply include your request in the comments box of the request form, letting us know you'd like to play up a little!

A Private KO Event?

Please note that if you have 7 (or even 15) friends that want to play a private KO, include this in the comments box and we'll set you up with your own personal Series 5xx KO Event.

How to enter a KO Tournament

To participate in a KO Tournament you MUST be a member of the IECC. If you are not a member, join the IECC.

If you are a member, use the form above to request a KO match.

KO Tournament Information:

There are 3 rating groups offered.

KOs are generally played in 3 rounds of 2 game matches, one as white, one as black. Winners advance, defeated players are "knocked out".

Note: The winner of the final round is the tournament Champion. Their name will shine forever in KO 'Hall of Fame'.

Both games in a 2 game match must be played concurrently! Failure to do so will constitute a time violation, and may incur a forfeit.

If a match is drawn: the player with the lower rating on the Pairing e-mail for that round, advances.

The current KO Tournament Results are updated every month or so. We're also working on an archive page that will list all KO games (when we find them).

KO Game Starts:

ALL players must confirm the start of their games to the KO TDs by use of the first move report form, and pasting their move, including the full PGN Header, into the large text box, provided.

To report the results of your match

The following form is for reporting the results of your chess match. The report is submitted by the winner, or in tha case of a draw, by the white player.

Please enter all the details, including the complete PGN record, which can be copied and pasted into the large text box.

The form is unable to send a copy to your opponent, so to observe the usual courtesy of sending them a copy, it is recommended that the response page that will appear in your browser window when you submit the form, is copied in its entirety, and pasted into an email message, and sent to your opponent.

Game Report For a Knockout Match

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Recent Winners 2016 - present

KO-2124 Paulo Marczykoski
KO-2125 Jean-Luc Balmelle
KO-2126 Roger Watson
KO-2127 Derek Williams
KO-2128 Vinay Kaparuwan
KO-2129 Vittoria d'Aragona
KO-2130 Bill Humphreys
KO-2131 Marcos Domingues
KO-2132 Andrew Hutton
KO-2135 Fredrik Akrefeldt

KO-4036 Jose Luis Llorente
KO-4037 Bernard Garau
KO-4036 Jose Luis Llorente
KO-4037 Bernard Garau
KO-4038 Harry Boyce
KO-4039 Jose Luis Llorente
KO-4040 Karin Martins
KO-4041 Michael Kinna

KO-5087 Oliver Laliga
KO-5088 Wayne Jordaan
KO-5089 Harry Boyce
KO-5090 Ricardo Manuel Galvez
KO-5091 Christian Mathes
KO-5092 Peter Willoughby
KO-5093 Marcos Domingues
KO-5094 Marcos Domingues
KO-5095 Marcel Hermans
KO-5096 Joseph Wenger
KO-5098 Karin Martins

Remember the KO Motto

In KO, there can be only one...