2-Game Matches

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To request a match: (IECC members only)

2-Game Request Form

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A limit of 5 matches may be requested at any one time.

Example: One 2-game match will give you 2 games, two 2-game matches will give you 4 games, etc.

General Information

Each match: 2 games against 1 opponent, 1 as white, and 1 as black.

Assignment: Opponents within 200-300 rating points, depending on rating.

These games must be played concurrently. Failure to do so will be in violation of IECC Guidelines.

To report the results of your match

The following form is for reporting the results of your chess match. The report is submitted by the winner, or in the case of a draw, by the white player.

Please enter all the details, including the complete PGN record, which can be copied and pasted into the large text box.

The form is unable to send a copy to your opponent, so to observe the usual courtesy of sending them a copy, it is recommended that the response page that will appear in your browser window when you submit the form, is copied in its entirety, and pasted into an email message, and sent to your opponent.

Game Report For a 2-Game Match

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